2004       Ph.D.   Brain Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IsraelDissertation: “The  relations between perception and high-level
cognitive functions”. Advisor Dr. Merav Ahissar.

2000       M.Sc.   Computation and Information Processing in the Brain,
Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, Israel
. (Awarded as partial fulfillment of
the Ph.D. requirements).

1997       B.A.     Behavioral Sciences, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Magna cum laude.

Positions/employment (post doctoral)

2017-                 Associate professor, Department of Communication Sciences and 
                           Disorders, University of Haifa, Israel

2012-2017       Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Sciences and
                           Disorders, University of Haifa, Israel

2015-2016        Visiting Scientist, Rotman Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences, Toronto

2008-2012       Lecturer, Department of Communication Sciences and
                           Disorders, University of Haifa, Israel

2006-2008       NRSA  Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

2004-2005       Visiting scientist/Postdoctoral Fellow, Auditory Neuroscience and
Auditory Psychophysics Laboratories, Northwestern University,
Evanston, IL.

Research Funding

2014-2016      National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel

                          “Listener, stimulus and procedural factors in the perceptual learning of  time
compressed speech and its generalization”.

2013-2017       Israel Science Foundation

                          “Anchoring, language and literacy in the preschool years”.

2011-2013       National Institute of Psychobiology in Israel.

“The effects of stimulus  uncertainty on auditory perceptual learning”.

2010                German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research & Development (GIF)

”Changing auditory skills from childhood to adulthood”. 

2009                Ministry of Health  (P.I. Dr. Tali Bitan).

Brain plasticity induced by auditory training and fitting of hearing aids in hearing impaired

2008-2012       EU FP7 International Reintegration Grant.

“The effects of auditory training on human communication skills”. 

2007-2010       Morasha grant, Israel Science Foundation.

“The relationships between auditory perceptual and auditory neural encoding deficits in individuals with reading disability”.

2008-2011       Alon scholarship, Israeli Council for Higher Education.

2006-2008       NIH/NRSA individual post-doctoral fellowship.

“Brainstem timing and reading disability”.



Research Methods

Auditory Cognition

Neurocognitive Aspects of Learning Disabilities

Perceptual Learning


Developmental Psychology

Undergraduate Research in Speech and Hearing


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